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Last Updated :: 2/12/2023

Privacy Policy

How we use your information

We use your Discord user ID and server ID in order to make Talkative work properly. It's for storing the chatbot channel and making sure everything is in working order! Both of which (your user ID and server ID) are harmless to your account and don't mean much in terms of security.

How to remove your information?

To remove your information from the chatbot. Simply tell it "Reset data". This can not be reversed and afterward, it treats you like a new user, forgetting everything about you. Such as your name, your likes and so and so. To wipe the bot's database for your server, simply do t!reset (or [your-prefix]reset - find your prefix by doing currentprefix in any chat). Completing this command will erase all settings for the bot for your server. This includes the chatbot channel, weather the chatbot is enabled or disabled, and if you have setup the bot or not. This is not reversible.

Terms of Service

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General Information

Blacklisting & Banning

Talkative is a bot meant to entertain and interact with people. Abusing the bot, or its main function will result in a termination of the bots service for you. You will not be able to use commands, or speak to the bot if you fall victim to this. Please report anyone misusing the bot.

Things considered abuse: