Talkative is a verified, smart chatbot that can make your server more enjoyable and fun!

Advanced Memory

Talkative is equipped with a smart database that can identify/recognize users and their preferences (per server).

Quick & Easy Setup

Setup is as easy as it can get! Upon joining your server, a welcome prompt appears and you can simply do /autosetup to get started!

Quick Responses

The commands respond in less than 1 second due to our emasculate hosting and simplified code.

250+ Servers

Over 100+ servers out there trust and use Talkative!

15000+ Users

Over 450 people actively use Talkative across a variety of servers.

AI Learning

Talkative takes inputs from the user and uses that to better itself*

Easy to Use

Easy to setup and configure to your preferences.

Video tutorial on how to setup Talkative